El ICAE, un evento internacional único donde aprenderás e interactuarás con diferentes profesionales y especialistas de todas las áreas involucradas en el gran mercado del arte.


¡Una experiencia única que no te puedes perder!


ICAE is a unique international event that will allow you to learn about the complete life cycle of a work of art. From the registration, identification, commercialization and use as a financial asset. You will learn about the interaction between different professionals and specialists from all fields involved in the great art market, seeking to achieve innovation through mutual influence. ICAE is a unique experience that you cannot miss!



2023 Edition

– 3 theme blocks:

    • Authenticity of Artworks.
    • Art Law.
    • Collecting and Art Market(Editado)Recuperar original.

– 20 national and international speakers

– 180 Guest Professionals

Sao Paulo, Saturday November 4, 2023

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Museum of Modern Art
San Paulo

By enrolling at ICAE you can:

  • Participate in the debate on Due Diligence in Experience, art law and commercialization;
  • To be part of the network of experts, lawyers and connected professionals who work in the art and collecting market;
  • Incorporate new skills, parameters and standards of professional practice with works of art and cultural property;
  • Be a promoter of the production of knowledge in art, avoiding irregular and illegal practices, combating the illicit traffic of cultural assets

Who can participate?:

All professionals linked to the art market!

Lawyers; Art Consultants; Art Dealers; Forensic scientists; Art Collectors; art conservators; insurance brokers; curators; Art and history experts; Art Students; Public and private cultural institution managers; Legal investigators; Journalists; Judges dealers; museologists; Art experts; Graphic Experts; Art restorers and others

20 national and international speakers:

* know the speakers’ bio when registering for the event

20 national and international speakers:

* know the speakers’ bio when registering for the event






About ICAE

International Conference Artwork Expertise was the first international conference on art expertise in Latin America, it was created by Givoa Art Consulting in 2016 in Buenos Aires, and the second opportunity was in 2018 in the city of Rio de Janeiro and its third edition will be in the city of São Paulo.

The congress has the support of prestigious cultural institutions such as UNESCO, ICOM, IBRAM, Interpol and many other public and private institutions in Brazil and Argentina.
Both editions reached directly more than 600 people and had repercussions in the local and international press.

From this academic initiative, ICAE has become a consolidating event of the activity and a mandatory meeting of the sector to discuss and improve authentication in art and all its area of influence.
ICAE is a conference that involves the greatest national and international authorities in the field of art expertise, art law and collecting. Interdisciplinary expertise as knowledge production for a safe and reliable art market.

The event will take place on November 4, 2023 at the São Paulo Museum of Modern Art (MAM) with an emphasis on art law, collecting and the art market. We invite all interested parties to join this initiative and fight together for the reliable identification of works of art.