ArtWork Expertise

Rio de Janeiro - 29th September 2018

International Conference



Dear colleagues


ICAE 2018 will take place in Rio de Janeiro. This congress has a main goal: to share updated information and fraternize with the teams of art investigation and art experts that operate in the region.


It will be an excellent oportunity to exchange experiences, and we hope you could proportion a favorable atmosphere in order to begin multidisciplinary studies and to expand our community even more.


We will have a high quality cientific programme. We will have the presence of national and international orators. This work philosophy of offering high quality information applies to art experts, restorers, chemists, physicists and musologists; as well to all the professions that take part in the wide world of the art market.

We are living a unique moment in the country. We have to look for the competition, seriousness and compromise with our clients, and also to make the authorities commit with determination with our Congress, in order to facilitate the access to the best knowledges possibles to everybody, with no discrimitation at all. We do not have to resign ourselves to less, either in the public or private area.


We also have as a goal offering training and education for the youngest, with quality plans and with the corresponding certifications.

Our premise is: “For more doctors in a world of healers”
Welcome to Rio de Janeiro!


We truly hope we count on your presence.

International speakers will discuss the following topics:

Art Market and Insurance

New Technologies for Scientific Analysis

Interdisciplinary expert investigation

Public-Private coordination on heritage protection



Ma. Alejandra Leyba

Buenos Aires - Graduated and Specialist in Documentscopy by the University of Salamanca - Spain

National Public Calligrapher by the University of Buenos Aires – UBA

Graduated and Specialist in Documentscopy by the University of Salamanca Spain –
Honors in Calligraphic Expertise.

Expert in the adequacy of the calligraphic expert method applied to unconventional conditions in the context of works of art.

Judicial Expert of the Argentine Nation and of the Province of Buenos Aires. Private Technical Consultant.

Member of the Technical Advisory Commission of the College of Public Calligraphers of the City of Bs. As.

Technical Adviser of Givoa Consulting Argentina. University teacher.

Rustin Levenson

New York - Founder and Director of Art Care Conservation Company (NYC - MIAMI - LA)

Rustin Levenson graduated with a degree in Art History from Wellesley College and was trained in conservation at Harvard University’s Fogg Art Museum.

She is co-author of Seeing Through Paintings, Yale University Press, and several chapters in The Expert versus the Object and The Conservation of Easel Paintings. In addition to her publications, Rustin lectures extensively to professional groups, at universities, and to public forums.

She worked on the conservation staff of the National Gallery of Canada and the Metropolitan Museum of Art before opening ArtCare, with studios in Miami, Florida, Los Angeles, California and New York, New York.  Her studio teams treat paintings from museums, private, and corporate collections.

She is a Fellow in both the American Institute for Conservation and the International Institute for Conservation.  In 2014 she was honored with a Residency at the American Academy in Rome.

Marcelo El Haibe

Buenos Aires - Inspector Commissioner Head of the Cultural Heritage Protection Department Interpol, Federal Police of Argentina.

Lawyer U.B.A. Postgraduate in: Cultural Manager, granted by the University of Tres de Febrero. Cultural Management, Heritage and Sustainable Tourism awarded by the Ortega y Gasset Foundation Argentina and Spain.

International Graduate Heritage and Sustainable Tourism organized by UNESCO and Master of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the U.B.A on “Artistic Heritage and South America Culture.”

He joined the Argentinean Federal Police in 1984. He currently is the Comissioner and chief of the Cultural Heritage Protection Department, which depends on the General International Coordination Directorate –INTERPOL, where he works in fighting the ilicit trafficking of cultural goods since 2000. He is a permanent member the Argentinean Comittee that fights against the ilicit trafficking of Cultural Goods, it functions inside the Culture Ministery.

In the year 2015 the Unesco named him as Expert Consultant in subjects realted to the Convention about the measures to be taken into consideration in order to prohibit and prevent the importation, exporatation and the transfer of Ilicit properties of cultural goods.

He has given many courses about “Protection of the Archaeological and Paleontological Heritage”. He gave them in Argentina at the Bernardino Rivadavia Natural Science Museum, in the paleontological area of it; and in the National Institute of Anthropology and Latinoamerican Thought, the lecture was about archaelogical goods. In the exterior he gave courses about Security and Investigation of Cultural Crimes thanks to the Italian Republic through the Tutela Patrimonio Culturale (Cultural Heritage Guardianship) depending on the Carabinieri gun in the year 2003.

He did several presentations about the illegal trafic of cultural goods in various areas: private and public. The presentations took place in Argentina and in many other countries around the world.

Additionally he participates in the investigation of crimes against the cultural heritage, whether it would be because of robbery of works of art of about the archaelogical  and paleontological heritage trafficking. Both kinds of investigations have had widely positive results.

He is a lawyer. Additionally he has done the following postgraduate courses:

In the year 2013 he got the qualification of Cultural Manager, given by the University of Tres de Febrero. 2014 he got a degree in Cultural Management, Sustainable Heritage and Tourism given by the Ortega and Gasset Foundation. In the year 2015 he finished the International Postgraduate in Sustainable Heritage and Tourism, organised by the Unesco.

He has recently got a Master’s Degree in “Artistic and Cultural Heritage in Colonial South America” at the University of Philosophy and Arts of the U.B.A.

Márcia De Almeida Rizzutto

São Paulo - Professor at the University of São Paulo and Coordinator of the Nucleus of support for physical research.

PhD and graduated in Physics. She graduated in Physics applied to the study of the historical and cultural heritage from the University of Sassari, Italia (2008). She has been a professor of Nuclear Physics at the University of San Pablo since 2001.


Institute of Physics of the University of San Pablo (IF-USP)

Nuclear Physics Department

Professor at the Nuclear Physics Department of the University of San Pablo. She participates mainly in the Nuclear Physics applied areas with accelerators to the study and analysis of works of art and cutural heritage. She uses Physicist and Chemical methods for the study and characterization of the cultural goods of the archaeometric area.

Since 2002 she has been a coordinator of the team dedicated to supporting the Physics investigations applied to the study of the artistic and historical heritage NAP-FAEPAH of the University of San Pablo. She is a teacher in a Pos-graduation course at the Physics institute and in the course of museology units of the archaeology and technology museum, both courses are given at the University of San Pablo. She has done several works in Organizations of Symposia and extention courses in the area of archaeometry: a) Organizer of the 1st Latin American Symposia about physics and chemicals methods used in archaeology, art and in the conservation of the cultural heritage. (LASMAC 2007) São Paulo, SP, from june the 11th to june the 16th of 2007. B) Member of the organizing committee of the interdisciplinary thematic school “CARACTERIZAÇÃO E DATAÇÃO DE MATERIAIS DO PATRIMÔNIO CULTURAL” -CADAPAC, from October the 25th to October the 31st of 2009, SAO JOAO DEL REI. c) Organizer and Coordinator of the extention course “CARACTERIZAÇÃO DE BENS CULTURAIS – CABENS”, of the university extention programme PROEXT2009, which took place from October 3rd to october 14th of 2011 at the Physics Institute and at the Polytechnical School of the University of San Pablo, supported by MEC/SESu, MEC/Science Ministry/IPHAN/TEM.

Douglas Negrisolli

São Paulo - Artyouglobal CEO. Historian, PhD and Master of Education, Arts and Culture History

Historian, PhD and Master of Education, Arts and Culture History in Presbyterian Institute Mackenzie of São Paulo. Independent Curator of Visual Arts, with an emphasis on modern and contemporary production.

CEO at Artyouglobal, Currently conducts research related to regional brazilians Art Salons and Visual Arts market.

Beatriz Teixeira Monteiro

São Paulo - Vice-President of the Brazilian Association of Experts OPERB

Specialist in Criminology and Judicial Expertise Professor at OPERB. Forensic Expert for 20 years, acts as Judicial Expert in civil, criminal and labor matters in the areas of graphology, intellectual property and works of art, in the Courts of Justice of the State of São Paulo, Minas Gerais and other states.


Rio de Janeiro - Responsible for the Conservation and Restoration of IPHAN - Institute of National Historical and Artistic Heritage in the State of Rio de Janeiro.

PhD in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Goods at the Catholic University of Porto, Portugal.

Masters in Museum Studies: Costume & Textile Conservation at State University of New York – SUNY.

Master’s Degree in Art History and Post-Graduation in Conservation of Cultural Goods at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

Responsible for the conservation and restoration of movable and integrated property of the Institute of National Historical and Artistic Heritage – IPHAN in the State of Rio de Janeiro. He worked at the National Museum of Fine Arts and the Imperial Museum. He carried out consultancy, orientation and inspection of the restoration of the Palacio Laranjeiras, National Museum of Fine Arts among hundreds of other professional works. He has done dozens of courses and conferences in different cities around the world and has made more than ten scientific publications.

Coming soon

Coming soon we will include dissertations of: Blockchain - Applied Chemistry - Calligraphic Expertise

Gustavo Martins de Almeida

Rio de Janeiro - Lawyer formed by the University PUC-RIO, Master in Law by the UGF. Copywriter Specialist.

Lawyer formed by the University PUC-RIO, Master in Law by the UGF, with experience in the civil and commercial area, conjugating this sector with that of copyright, entertainment and personalities of the arts.

Lawyer and advisor to the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro and Parque Lage, lawyer of the National Union of Book Publishers, Member of the Commissions of Authorship and Entertainment Law of the OAB-RJ and the IAB-RJ. Study contemporary solutions for issues of the world of the arts, with the adaptation of legal tools to the needs of the market.


Gustavo Perino


Graduated in Expertise and appraisal of works of art from the Art Department of the University of the Argentinean Social Museum.

Founder of Givoa and ICAE, university professor University of Santa Úrsula, Rio de Janeiro


Gustavo Perino, is the founder of GIVOA (Interdisciplinary Group of works of art’s appraisal), he was also the ideologist of ICAE (International Conference Artwork Expertise) that had its first edition in September 2016. Member of the executive committee of INTI-Superficial Processes in the National Industrial Technology Institute of Argentina.
He was a University Professor at the University of the Argentinean Social Museum, and has participated as a speaker and colaborated since 2013 in many activities related to the art expertise work in the Interpol, Federal Police, INTI, Emilio Pettoruti Fine arts Provincial Museum among other institutions.
Currently he lives in the city of Rio de Janeiro, working at the Givoa’s subsidiary in Brazil and organizing the second edition of ICAE 2018. He was designated as the teacher of the Post Graduation Studies for the year 2018 at the University of Santa Úrsula, educational institution founded in 1939 at the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Douglas Quintale


Expert graduated in Law from the UNIFMU, graduated in Philosophy from the University of San Pablo and post-graduation in Conservation and works of art analysis Tec. Centre. Art Temple.


Expertise and Analysis of works of art with technologic aplication Specialist, wide experience with forensic expertise. Consultant in taxation and businesses of the art market. He also works as a University teacher of Law and History of Art. Specialized investigator of Cannon Law.


Josy Morais


Teacher at the Museum of Sacred Art of San Pablo, Teacher and Coordinator of Conservation and Restauration of Heritage Goods. Director of NAR- Centerpiece of Arts, conservation and restauration.


Experience: Studied at the University of Santa Úrsula the career of Specialization, Conservation and Restoring. She currently teaches at the afforementioned University and is a coordinator of the post-graduation of the university. Director of the Centerpiece Art and Restore, company dedicated to the aplication of technological resources to restoring and dedicated to education as well.

Isabel Spitz A. Lavandier


Founder and Educator at the ChimicArte Educational Proyects Company.
PhD in chemistry at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and a Master’s Degree in chemistry by the PUC-Rio.


Develops investigations in the chemistry area with specialization in chemistry of the solid state/inorganic chemistry acting mainly on the following topics: organic synthesis, solid state reactions, material characterization. She also works in the studies of the chemistry intermideate education area applied to art. In addition, she is the founder and educator at the ChimicArt Educational Poyects Company that offers courses and training to the youngest, classes at secondary school and also classes for professional restorers, conservationalists, experts, plastic artists, museologists among other professionals. In 2012 she recibed the “Marie Curie of Cientific Productions” award for her professional work called “Química y Arte, una articulación mostrada por medio de capas conceptuales” (“Chemistry and Art, an articulation showed through conceptual layers”).